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Jobs in Europe.

Opening a new chapter in your life by working in Europe as an engineer may have crossed your mind. An engineering job abroad is a great way to make more than just money. The list of advantages is practically endless: a broadened horizon, international experience, new skills, a new language added to your repertoire, taking on new challenges, and boosting your career so you can take it to the next level. Yet, it is a difficult choice to make. Do I want to work abroad? And what is, for me, the best place to work at and live in?


Europe is the perfect spot for international engineers to find a job. 8.7 million people work in technology and knowledge-driven sectors. Europe has an international focus. With its open borders, it is easy for foreign companies to expand their business to other countries. That’s the reason why Europe is home to some of the most innovative tech hubs in the world.

Innovation excellence is concentrated in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In these areas, the knowledge of high-tech and IT is of a high standard. People from all over the world have come to these tech hubs to work on the latest technologies and engineering issues. Because of it’s history in trading, Europe has a very internationally-oriented culture and the inhabitants speak English very well.


Most international knowledge workers find the Netherlands a very attractive country to live in. The Dutch have high living standards, excellent healthcare, perfect transport networks and a special tax deduction for expats. On top of that, the people in the Netherlands value their work-life balance and speak perfect English. And of course, the Netherlands is home to one of Europe’s leading high-tech hotspots as well!

The Dutch are known for their business instinct and are constantly looking for new ways to increase and improve business. So it’s no coincidence the country is home to Europe’s leading tech hub: Brainport Eindhoven region. For engineers like you, there are plenty of available jobs to apply for. There is an ever increasing demand for qualified tech and IT professionals.

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High Tech Systems
This is the most important and most strongly represented key technology area.
Smart Materials & Chemistry
This industry in the Brainport Region is a world leader in different sectors. This industry in the Brainport Region is a world leader in different sectors.
Smart Mobility
This cluster develops automotive technologies, like ‘co-operated and connected driving’.
Lifetec & Health
This field focuses on human health and design products to preserve and improve people’s health.
In the Brainport region you will find many high-tech food production and processing initiatives.
Design is in the DNA of the Brainport region. It is regarded a ‘business creator’.
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